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our methodology

  • Left Brain

    Left Brain

    In this classroom, our children are given the independence and freedom to learn at their own pace. Here, the work-based environment itself is the teacher, and our students absorb concepts and develop concentration and skills through our prepared materials and practical life activities!

  • Right Brain

    Right Brain

    The imaginative Right Brain room stimulates the child’s creativity. Through interest-based sensorial activities and projects, exploration and free play, our children are self-guided in their learning and have endless ways and opportunities to express themselves and their individuality.

  • Movement


    Our spacious gym houses a number of daily activities that promote not only a healthy body but a healthy mind. Through group games, sports, and basic movement skills, as well as plenty of outdoor exercises and nutritional guidance, the children are exposed to a well-balanced and active lifestyle!

Why Early Childhood Education Matters

Although early childhood education has been in existence for well over 100 years, the importance of the benefits earned by children attending these programs has only recently gained popularity due to daycares in Calgary adopting this early learning mentality. So what are the real benefits? And is the hype worth all the money daycares in Calgary are charging for all these benefits? As a doctorate studying early childhood development for the past 7 years, here is my perspective. About 10 years ago brain research suggested that 85% of all brain cells are formed by the

age of 5. Now the same research says this occurs by 3 years of age. In a study designed to get closer to unravelling how memory develops, researchers at Harvard have discovered that by age 2 children have recalled and developed memories strong enough to repeat tasks shown to them months earlier. Studies like this exemplify the importance of a development-oriented day care.

Our Day Care in Calgary Focuses on the Bigger Picture

We live in a competitive society where demands are constantly rising. Ever wondered how life would be if you didn't procrastinate, were more organized, could recall information quicker and faster, hold attention for longer periods of time, and were able to control your emotions a little better? Early childhood education at a quality day care in Calgary is not just about colors, shapes, and numbers. Eventually everyone learns these basic lessons. We all know that a rectangle is, can count 4 or 5 objects, and spell our names. But how do you hold your pencil? Were your muscles developed correctly? Did you build good hand-eye coordination? Are you balanced? Life is much more than the things we hold our kids accountable for. Colours and shapes are the way our children observe and categorize the world around them. The ability to discern the similarities and differences

between colours and shapes form the skills required to differentiate between letters and numerals. It is the foundation for living in a diverse, mathematical world. Simple activities in our child care facilities prepare our students for the future application of these same skills on a larger scale. Early childhood education is key to building independence, knowledge, critical thinking, memory, the ability to shift attention and still retain focus, and the discipline to control our bodies and emotions. The struggles we face today could be minimized if we were given the opportunity to begin cognitive development much earlier as is now available through our programs at Kids U

Our Child Care in Calgary Maximizes Development

In response to these studies and methodologies, Kids U provides various child care programs in Calgary by implementing a student-centered, inquiry-based learning curriculum. In contrast to other Calgary child cares centers, we believe that by providing child care programs tailored to ensure the quality of a child's daily experiences we will be building a foundation for future learning. When a child first enters our school,

we look to provide an appealing environment that enables them to build trust, comfort, and a feeling of safety here at KidsU. Once a child is comfortable with their new friends and teacher, only then will they be able to grasp knowledge.