Your Child’s First Day of Preschool

Sep 12, 2018

Your child’s very first day of preschool is an exciting occasion that only happens one time. In order to celebrate this special day, do so to make it great and one to remember. It’s important to remember that kids are naturally nervous when starting preschool, but if you keep the most fun and enjoyable, they’ll go into their first day of preschool with confidence and eagerness.

Special Breakfast

One way to make the first day of preschool special is by cooking a special breakfast. Like cooking your child favorites, they can begin the day on a great note. Whatever it may be, such as pancakes, eggs, or bacon, making them a special treat can make even the sleepiest kid perk up. Big breakfasts are also a great idea as it will keep them energized until lunch, so start off the special day off right with a special breakfast.


Of course, in order to commemorate this day at the beginning of their school career, take some first day photos. Your child would look back on these photos, and they’ll remember them as a very special day.


In order to make sure that the first morning goes by smoothly, it’s important to plan ahead. Planning your breakfast, having the lunch is made, and shoes, clothing, and backpacks all laid out will make their morning much easier. This works to eliminate stress and any kind of a meltdown before school starts.


One of the most important things to be sure of is getting plenty of sleep the night before. This will ensure that your child has the energy to take on their new environment and meet new children. Sleep is important, not only for preschool, but also for the rest of their schooling career. It plays a big role in their growth, learning, and mood, and is essential for a great preschool experience.

If you have more questions about how to make the beginning of preschool special, feel free to contact us at Kids U in Calgary, AB. were willing and able to answer any questions you may have, address any concerns, and ensure that your child’s school and career starts off without a hitch.