Why Kids U Brain Builder Programs are Great For Your Child 

Jul 01, 2020

The brain is responsible for controlling several organs, our thoughts, speech, memory, and movements. The early years of a child’s life are crucial for brain development. With Brain builder programs, you can help support your child’s brain development. The brain builder courses in Calgary AB keep children entertained, and their minds stimulated. Mental stimulation aids the brain to grow stronger, faster, and better. Keep on reading for more information.

What Are Brain Builder Programs?

They are a brain fitness program that improves a child’s memory, attention, and brain speed. The course aims at developing skills such as learning skills, social skills, and problem-solving skills.

What Types of Program Does Kids U Offer?

Brain builder courses exercise a child’s mind to keep it healthy and function at its best. That’s why at Kids U we offer the following programs:

1. Language

A child is born with a desire to communicate. If you regularly chit chat with your baby, you help the child’s brain develop and expand its understanding of the language. It is easy for your child to learn an additional language quickly. We teach French, Spanish, and Mandarin languages. What are the advantages of learning a new language?

Learning a new language helps a child with his/her concentration and ability to focus. It improves a child’s thinking and memory skills. Additionally, it expands the size of a child’s mind. The child is smarter and performs better in school. Do you want your child to be an analytical thinker with an exceptional memory? Enroll for brain builder courses near you.


STAMP stands for Self-Expression Theatre Art Music Performance. We combine dance, music, and drama to enable a child to discover her/his potential. The STAMP course is guided by an artist to nurture a child’s talent.

Music exercises the whole brain. It strengthens the child’s mind and retains information learned in school. Music lessons help a child to be better at reading, writing, spelling, and memorization.

As the children engage their body parts to dance, they boost her memory and improve the brain’s function.

Performing arts allows a child to develop a creative passion. A child can communicate confidently and effectively with others. Also, drama promotes a healthy brain and encourages a child to cooperate and may pursue a rewarding career in performing arts in the future.

3. Robotics

Children love to create, and hands-on activities offer a fantastic way to engage children. It teaches them crucial lessons they will remember in the long-term. Robotic is an enjoyable activity and an example of a maker movement. It is a fun way for kids to learn STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) concepts.

Children make their robots. For example, a child may make a robot and use it to lift objects to strengthen his understanding of physics concepts like tension and force. The subjects can lead to rewarding professions later in life.

At Kids U, we have repackaged robotics into something educational and fun. Please enroll your child for a brain builder course in Calgary. We will introduce your kid to technology and teach her excitingly and engagingly.

4. Yoga

Yoga means “union’. It is the coming together of your mind (thoughts and feelings) and the physical body. At Kids U, we train children to move their bodies into various positions. It helps them become more flexible, improve, and relax their minds.

Yoga improves the child’s sense of calm, relaxation, and concentration, reducing a child’s anxiety and stress. We train yoga at an early age to encourage a child’s self-esteem and body awareness.

During yoga classes, children exercise and play. They connect more deeply with their inner selves. Furthermore, they develop an intimate relationship with the natural world which surrounds them.

Children and adults can perform yoga. However, we recommend yoga lessons for children above five years.

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Every parent desires their children to reach their full potential. Brain builder courses at Kids U are great for your child. They ensure children’s brains get the workouts they need. The children develop their mental skills and improve memory. Visit us today. We have the solution to fun learning and brain development.