Ways to Show Your Kids Love

Jul 22, 2013

We all know how much we love our children and they know that too. In our hectic life, we sometimes forget to take time out to show affection to our children. Here are some great ways to dish out unexpected hugs, kisses and cuddles to show your child how much you love her.

Human development professionals say that hugs, kisses and cuddles can cure everything – they can boost kids’ mood, improve their health and boost their confidence too.

Give your preschool child a massage at bedtime and it will help her sleep better at night and also help with some weight gain.

At random times of the day, tell your child that you love her. Catch her during dinner, during homework time, while riding in the car or after she makes you laugh – just a simple I love you can create a feeling of warmth.

When you discipline your child, don’t turn into a Medusa. Be gentle but firm and show some affection when you discipline her. Touch your kids affectionately even when they are being naughty. If siblings fight and you want to break up the fight, instead of scolding one harshly, rub his back and gently tell him or her not to fight.

If your child is not a cuddler, get creative and connect in smaller ways. Boys especially get a bit uncomfortable with a lot of cuddling and hugging. Ruffle his hair instead or rough him up a little (this is his meaning of I love you), dance or exchange winks.

Be there for your child when she fails. Children should make mistakes and learn from them too. You as a parent should be there to listen, give assurance and lots of hugs and cuddles.

It is easy to give out affection and love and hugs in good times. Remember to do the same in bad times too because that is when they are all needed the most. After an argument, nothing feels as good as a long tight hug.

Happy Parenting!