Tips for Making Bedtime Conversation a Ritual

Mar 17, 2014

When was the last time you had a chat with your child about nothing and everything? If you can’t remember, you are not alone. With the hectic pace of life today, it is difficult to get some special time alone with the kids, just talking about stuff. I found that talking to them and connecting with them at bedtime can be the perfect bonding time. Your little one will go off to sleep very calm and happy after having a pre-slumber chat with you.

Be consistent about this nightly talk. Sit with your children while they make themselves comfortable in their beds and have a chat with them. Even if it is for a few minutes, be consistent. You will be surprised at the number of things your child will share with you at this time when he is relaxed.

If you are not sure what to talk about, start with a topic that you know will interest your child immediately. If she loves a particular TV show, talk about the latest episode. If she has a new friend in school, ask her what they did that day. Talking about your day with them also helps, they will get a sneak peek into your life this way.

Stay away from disturbing or scary subjects when you have these nightly conversations with your child. Keep the topics and flow of the talk light and easy. The last thing you want to do is to make your child nervous and anxious right before bed! Don’t talk to very young children about plans for the next day or the excitement may not allow them to sleep.

If you are not sure what to talk about, talk about three things about your day and encourage your child to do the same. Think about your dream for the future and talk about those dreams. If your child has a fascination with planes, talk about a pilot’s job.

Kids grow up faster than we think, capture all the moments you have with them with memorable things.