Tips for Dealing with Teething Toddlers

Oct 28, 2015


Beginning to Teeth

One of the most exciting moments in a parent’s life is when your toddler begins to grow teeth. However, it can be quite distressful and uncomfortable for your toddler; needless to say, it takes a toll on the parents. Here are a few things to keep in mind while your munchkin grows what will be an integral part of their lives: their teeth.

Tips for Teething Parents

  • Keep track of the growing teeth: Make sure to count the growing teeth. Also, make note of whether the teeth are growing in a healthy way or if they come out in unhealthy postures. Speaking to a dentist would be a good idea even though it’s still quite early.
  • Rub the gums: If your toddler feels pain or discomfort, you can try rubbing their gums with your fingers or with the back of a toothbrush. Be careful not to rub too hard!
  • Offer cold items to chew on: Cold carrots, celery or cucumbers are good for the gums, provide soothing comfort and allow for the teeth to come out easier. Ensure that your child is supervised while eating these items, choking is a very common accident among toddlers. Cold yogurt may also be of help if your toddler loses appetite with other foods during this time.
  • Visit the pediatrician: You should normally visit the pediatrician but during the teething phase, it is essential to have your doctor thoroughly check the inside of your toddler’s mouth.
  • Teething gel or medicine: If your child is having serious health issues due to the teething (i.e. fevers, diarrhea, etc.), the best option would be to visit the pediatrician. Apart from that, if your toddler feels constant pain in the gums, you can try out teething gels. Avoid teething gels that have sugar, the last thing you want is to cause cavities on growing teeth by covering them with sugar. There are also other homeopathic or herbal options you can consider. Look into your local pharmacy for further options.
  • Teething toys: There are special toys made for toddlers who are teething. Toddlers love biting onto items during this time and might find it comforting to chew on toys. Ensure that the teething toys are cleaned properly in order to avoid getting sick and other harmful effects.