Three I's of Modern Parenting

Aug 01, 2013

Parents can’t rely on one single philosophy to raise their children. It is always good to raise your preschool children with many philosophies and principles simply because what works for one parent does not work for another. What works today, may not work next year either.

Effective parents follow these three I’s very closely, whether consciously or unconsciously and this leads to children raised well:

1. Intuition

A mother’s strongest point is her gut feeling or intuition. In this age of information, intuition sometimes gets fogged up. With all the information we are bombarded with on the Internet, we often get confused and forget to follow our instincts. You should always seek expert opinion and check what other parents are doing, but always follow your gut when making decisions about your children. Always remember that your instincts are there for a reason – trust your instincts and use them.

2. Individuality

You will always notice that your first born is very different from your last born. They are different so they can stand out. You may have a first born who readily helps you around the house and a last born who runs away from responsibilities. Respect and accept these individual characters and try out different parenting techniques on both of them. You may end up using more than two parenting  techniques on your preschool child and your teen.

3. Intelligence

You don’t need several degrees to raise kids today. However, you do need intelligence. You need to be smart to outfox your kids when needed. You need the ability to think through problems that your children face on a daily basis. You need the ability to gain information, digest it and churn out the best solution for your kids. Smart parents are a step ahead of their kids.

So how do you rate?