Things You Should Keep in Mind for Your Daycare Provider

Jul 24, 2018

As a new parent, preparing to put your child in daycare for the first time you are probably dealing with a lot of feelings. You want only the best for your family, and you expect the same from your child care provider. Finding the ideal environment for your young ones was a painstaking task, and now you should trust your instincts. There are many things you will learn along the way. To make the transition more seamless, it may be helpful to put yourself in the caregiver’s shoes. Here is a list of things that child care providers wish they could share with new parents:

  • Your Daycare Provider Has a Life
  • Service hours are typically from 7 a.m. — 6 p.m., with some pre-arranged exceptions. This doesn’t mean you can drop off your child at 6:30 a.m., scram, and think it is okay. On the flipside, daycare workers have families and lives to get to as well; it isn’t fair to make them wait with your child beyond operating hours. Some parents make this a habit.

  • If Your Child is Sick, Keep Him or Her at Home
  • Read through all the paperwork that is given to you by the daycare provider and follow all sick policy instructions. You wouldn’t want another child giving your kid an infection or a sickness, so be a team player and look out for all.

  • If You’re Home Sick, Consider Keeping Your Child Home
  • If you are sick, it is highly likely your child has already been exposed to whatever you are fighting. This is especially trying if it is something highly contagious. Consider keeping your child home and having him or her tested for the condition to avoid contaminating the whole daycare facility. Otherwise, you may end up taking a few extra days off.

  • Bring Diapers for Your Child
  • Always pack diapers with your child’s stash. When the supply runs low, replenish it. It costs other parents when your child runs out diapers and the provider have no choice but to take from another’s supply.

  • Be Accessible
  • Parents must always be accessible in case of emergency. If you have a change of plans and skip work for the day, your daycare provider needs to know. Never turn off your mobile phone when your child is not with you.

  • Announce Absences
  • Give your provider notice if you won’t be dropping off your child on a given day. Don’t wait until the last minute or neglect to call at all. The number of kids cared for affects how much food will be served, how many assistants are needed, and which activities will take place on that day.

  • No Junk Food in the Morning
  • Please don’t drop off your kids with sugary snacks or chips in the morning. It isn’t good for them, and it is not fair to the other children. There probably isn’t enough to share, and if there is, most of the other kids are probably not allowed to have cookies or cake in the morning.