The Power of Praise

Oct 13, 2013

Learning how to praise becomes somewhat difficult for parents and educators when we are constantly busy pointing out errors and focusing on mistakes. Most of us have this little problem of not being able to praise others easily, especially our loved ones who deserve it most. A lot of us are not taught from a young age to praise people and actions and we find it difficult to do so. On the other hand, over praising is a big no-no too. You cannot be praising your child every time he does something right or he will get too used to being praised and not valuing it.

Here are a few things to remember when you praise your preschool child:

Authentic: Catch your child doing the right things and grab that opportunity to give out authentic praise.

Specific: The right behavior that is praised often enough is behavior that will be continued. Identify specific traits of your child’s personality that you can acknowledge and praise to ensure that it is always continued.

Immediate: You would not want to be praised for a dinner well-made weeks later when you have forgotten about it. Similarly, praise children’s good habits and deeds immediately and not long after they feel it was ignored and forgotten. This will put you in the habit of praising in a timely manner too. This works especially well with preschool children whose personalities are still being developed.

Clean: Clean praise simply means praising for something done now. It should not be for something in the future and it should never contain the word ‘but’.

Praising a child for the right reasons often enough can be effective for long term good behavior and for a parent and child to bond. If praise is given out correctly, it will never be too much.

Happy Parenting!