Rolly Bhasin

Mar 11, 2016

After seeing no warmth or love from the first day, I moved my son from a well-known daycare to KidsU. And since, the journey has been absolutely wonderful! My son has been a part of KidsU for more than a year now, from Jr. Preschool to Preschool, and he has learnt and developed a lot since! The greatest strength of KidsU are the teachers…warm, kind, approachable, loving, caring, smart, and passionate! If it weren’t for the teachers, KidsU would be just another daycare/preschool. Our son was going through terrible two’s in the midst of another new arrival in the family, when we found KidsU. Their curriculum keeps a child’s mind engaged throughout the day, learning new things via several themes and activities. It was just what we were looking for…and not just free play at a daycare. The multi-curriculum concept, involving Montessori, Reggio, Music, drama, and physical activities, makes each day different and interesting for our child. When I am at work, I don’t think even once, as to what he must be doing through the day. I know he is in good hands. Thank you Anil and all the KidsU teachers. I can’t wait to see how my younger one adjusts in Jr. Preschool.