Nomi Ahmad

Mar 11, 2016

My 4 year old son attends Kids U and has shown leaps and bounds of maturity and intuitive growth since admission 2 months ago. Kids U is not your typical “day care” – it is an actual Child Learning Centre that is engineered to bring out your child’s best qualities and to have them explore the dormant potential that lies in the Terra incognita of the mind. The staff use a two tiered approach using Reggio and Montessori methods to gauge your child’s needs so that he/she may be adequately challenged in order to increase learning on a gradient level and encourage meaningful thought. They have different classrooms to stimulate the child’s physical and emotional needs. Learning is not an ambiguous random occurrence . Kids U Learning Centre has “learning” down to a hard wired science. There are natural “blueprints” that exist in each child and this is the best facility I can recommend to anyone that wants their child to experience meaningful goal oriented challenges. The teachers are super friendly and the environment is very inviting for young children and even adults. I have found my son to be much more aware of his surroundings and very well versed in how to communicate effectively since attending Kids U. There has also been an immense behavioural impact in him. I am very pleased to have chosen Kids U and I highly recommend it.