Ten Ways to Encourage Young Artists

Feb 04, 2019

Have you ever seen young children painting? You may feel that they create more mess than actually painting. But it’s necessary to inspire and motivate our young artists. Every activity or art and craft teaches something to these young minds. The painting is not just an extra-curricular activity. While painting, children a lot of newer things.

They spend time in choosing, organizing, and painting and do everything on their own. When you see kids painting, you get a glimpse of the creativity of these young minds. Painting is a nice group activity where children can bond with each other and have fun.

How You Must Encourage the Children to paint quite often according to child care in Calgary:

  • You encourage them to observe how colors change when they mix with each other as it motivates them to imagine and be creative with their paintings.
  • They should be encouraged to swirl their paintbrush in different directions so that they know sky is the limit when it comes to creativity and there’s so much to explore.
  • Encourage them to use the opposite end of brush to scratch their name on the painting paper and be a proud owner of their work.
  • Encourage them to talk with a friend while they paint.
  • Children should be encouraged to observe the world around them as they paint so that they know how beautiful this world is and how they can get inspired by so many things.
  • Encourage them to hang up their own paper on the easel before they paint.
  • They should be encouraged to put their own paper on the drying line or shelf.
  • Encourage them to put red paint brush in red paint cup and blue in blue cup.
  • They should be encouraged to gather the material for painting before they begin painting.

The major key take-aways are that children need to satisfy their inner artist and creative needs before they move to the next stage of creative expression. Their needs can be satisfied by giving them freedom, tools, and time to explore the creative process.