Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Oct 10, 2017

Of course we want to teach our kids how to be independent, but they should also know the importance of working as part of a team. After all, being on a team can teach kids leadership skills and critical thinking skills, boost self-esteem, and instill a sense of cooperation. Here are a few activities that can help build that sense of teamwork.

Human Knot

Everyone stands in a circle, then each person joins hands with someone else, ideally with a person across the circle from them – they should not join hands with the person next to them. Each person must be holding hands with two different people. Without letting go of anyone’s hand, the team must work together and communicate with each other to untangle the knot.

Relay Race

You can turn pretty much anything into a relay race if you have enough people. For example, if a basketball team wants to practice dribbling, the race can be to dribble from one designated spot to another, then handing off the ball to your teammate. The first team to have all its members dribble the designated length is the winner. For more academic-themed teams, such as a math or science team, races can be completed in a series of questions, passed from one team member to the next. The first team to answer all their questions correctly is the winner.

Team Outing

Having the team share an experience is a great way to build their sense of companionship. By making the outing relevant to the team’s activity, you can also help develop the team’s appreciation for and understanding of it. For example, take your little league team to see a major league baseball game, or your science club kids to the natural science museum.

Simple activities such as a team picnic or ice cream party can also help build a sense of teamwork simply by allowing members a chance to get to know their teammates better. With a deeper understanding and closer relationship with one another, achieving goals both individually and as a team will mean so much more.