Teaching Children Print And Cursive Handwriting

Jul 16, 2019

Print and cursive handwriting is not just a simple activity needed for the child to improve his/her abilities but also makes their brain improve its efficiency. Want to know how? Read the article below.

Handwriting is the highest level of fine motor skills for a young learner, and with time, the number of children who struggle with their handwriting is increasing. This is why teaching kids to write in cursive handwriting is very important. Read ahead to know more-


Just like different parts of our brain are used when we use our hands and our feet. Similarly, brain works differently when we type away on a laptop and when we write down on a notepad using a pen. Handwriting also helps children learn to read while writing. This way they even get good with remembering letters.


Starting with print handwriting is a classic option as it will help them improve their hand-eye coordination, increase their memory abilities, strengthen motor skills, and increase their reading fluency due to a better visual representation of words. It is advised though, that children should not be told to start writing before the age of four or five as they have not yet developed the proper muscles to hold and write with a pencil and it might lead to bad handwriting for a long period of time.


Cursive writing not only helps the children to move their hand more freely but also sparks a new understanding in their brain. By not teaching the child to learn cursive handwriting, you are basically stopping their potential to learn more and better at a age when they easily can. This could have a long-lasting impact too. In fact, as per researches, cursive writing helps the child to improve brain development in the areas of thinking, language and memory skills.

Providing fun and engaging fine motor activities at home. Strengthening the hand muscles used for writing is important. And of course, children are also doing important brain work while reading and writing which would help them learn more.