Taming your Kid’s Temper Tantrum

Jul 07, 2013

The one thing you can always expect from your preschool toddler is tantrums. It has been proven that kids between the age of one and four have not developed coping skills needed to avoid tantrums to voice out what they are feeling. The moment they don’t get what they want or are unable to express what they are feeling, you are looking at a tantrum brewing. So how can you avoid these outbursts? Here are three freak-out fixes a lot of mums swear by.


This works well simply because when your child is busy throwing a tantrum, he is really out of his mind. As emotions take over and area of the brain that makes judgments and decisions are overridden. Reasoning at this stage does not help since it is not working. Anything you will do at this point will not work, so allow your child to go through it, ignore him till he chills out and you can then talk.

Give Space

Sometimes it is just necessary to allow your child to let his anger out. They also need to learn to let their feelings out, pull themselves together and regain self-control without having to have a shouting match with you.


A good thing to do especially with preschool aged children is to engage them in something so he will forget about the meltdown he is going to have or has just had. A distraction works wonders – a book, an outing, a great snack. All these work well to ward off a major meltdown too. If you don’t want to end up in Aisle 11 at the supermarket, simply create a distraction to go and look at cookies in Aisle 9. Since preschool aged children have fairly short attention spans, it is easy to divert them.

Happy Parenting!