Taking the Time to Teach Your Tots About Manners: The Benefits

Jul 02, 2014

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Navigating the rough waters of adult hood, parents know that effective, and respectful communication is key in order to thrive in any working environment. As guardians to the future generation of business, health, or working professionals instilling a good system of manners is key. Manners help not only portray an image of respectability, but one of a mutual understanding of the importance of the adherence of social protocol.

Helping your kids by teaching them manners will benefit them in the future in the following ways.

  • Socially: It’s no surprise how much the need for children to fit in with their peers can cause a bit of anxiety for little ones. Wanting to be a part of a community will come easier once they have learned to navigate normal social cues. We’re not advocating that they loose any personal semblance of identity; just knowing when and when not to do certain things will prepare them for complexity of social life. For example, teaching children that it is not okay to throw a tantrum, i.e. biting, kicking, screaming, will help them grow and communicate effectively.
  • Intellectually: Learning to control one’s actions, and not lash out with emotions, or impulses will allow them to harness their brain’s potential. More in-depth thinking on the importance of manners, both socially and personally, will benefit their little creative minds. By teaching them manners, such as respect and punctuality, you’ll be instilling in them not only a good work ethic, but a value in their own work as well.
  • Environmentally: Teaching children the value of respect may very well lead to an environmentally conscious child. Respecting themselves, their family, friends, and acquaintances will show them the value of those relationships, and with the right persuasion will show them that the relationship with our environment can benefit from more conservation, recycling, etc. Turning the water off while they brush their teeth for two minutes, as is recommended, is a great way to get them to start being environmentally mindful!

Manners are a simple way to start your child’s journey through the world. By no means stifle their creativity, but know that teaching them manners can help them greatly!