Stroller Struggles

Oct 07, 2013

From a parent’s point of view, nothing beats getting around with a toddler than a stroller. It is not only safe, it is also a convenient way to get a million things done with a young child with you. Then why do most kids holler and cry bloody murder when you have strapped them into their stroller? This is because of the natural urge of toddlers to want to explore the world around them. Kids want to touch that box of juice, feel that soft fabric of the dress and run down the aisles. A stroller keeps them all away from this and their newly mastered skill, walking and running!

Here is how you can manage to keep your preschool child in a stroller till you can let her free.

* Use the art of distraction. Point out interesting things around you and have conversations with your child to keep her occupied. Teach her the names of things around her as you walk by. If she is engaged, she is less likely to throw a fit.

* Entertain. Sing her favourite nursery rhymes with her as you walk along. Play challenging games like asking her to spot as many flowers as she can or as many dogs on the street as she can.

* Keep aside some books and toys that are for stroller time only. She can keep herself busy with these while in the stroller. Be sure to always praise her when she behaves in the stroller.

* When it is safe, let her out for a few minutes so she can walk about a little. She won’t complain then when it is time to get into the stroller again.

Don’t let her out of the stroller if she starts kicking up a fuss (unless she is hurting herself). This way, she will learn that crying and shouting is not going to get her out of the stroller.

Happy Parenting!