Special Time Every Morning

Jun 25, 2013

We are in the habit of sending our preschool kids off to school every morning with loads of love and good wishes for a lovely day ahead. Sometimes, lots of ‘have you taken your snack bag?’, ‘where is your jacket?’ and other such lines get in the way. Here are some effective suggestions for you to ensure you send loads of love your child’s way when she goes off to preschool every morning.

Set your alarm ten minutes early. Five minutes for you to enjoy the quiet and bliss of the morning before anyone is up. Another five minutes for you to spend with your pajama clad babies snuggling. This quiet connecting time makes a world of a difference before the stampede of the day begins – you will notice it will not be a stampede anymore. Before the mundane chores of getting showered, dressed and having breakfast begins, enjoy this snuggle time when everyone in the home knows how much they are loved. Warm and loving words bring about smiles on everyone’s faces.

This special time can go on till your child leaves for preschool. Talk to her about her dreams and yours while she is in the shower. Make after school plans at the breakfast table. Ask your babies for suggestions about lunch after school. All this conversation starts up the day well.

How do you feel when you are late for work and end up rushing through the morning before you leave? Imagine then how your child would feel if she is rushed through the morning, every morning? Since you are getting into the habit of waking up earlier than usual daily, you may also have leftover time before the kids need to leave for preschool. Spend these few minutes telling your child how much you love her and encourage her to think happy thoughts for a happy day ahead.

Regular use of this special time every morning promises non-whiny, non-teary mornings for both you and your children!

Happy Parenting!