Raising an Independent Child

Aug 11, 2015



As a parent the first and foremost goal of your life is to nurture your child and give them the best of everything. With that comes the duty of raising an independent child. Although it’s natural for any parent to guide every little step of their child, the child should be capable of making his/her own decisions too. However, that doesn’t mean you have to overindulge your child’s whims.

The key to raising an independent child is the balance between giving them the freedom and being stern. Here are a few pointers on achieving that perfect balance.

Make a routine for your child:
Although your child needs their freedom, creating a routine for their daily life is also essential. Your child needs to be responsible for the daily chores of the house, which includes keeping their room clean, washing their own plate after each meal, etc.

Teach them to solve their own problem:
Your child needs to solve their own problem by themselves. Don’t rush off to save them at the first moment. Give them time to think about how to mitigate a critical issue, and if things turn more serious, you can always help them in the end. Don’t take sides during a quarrel between your children. That will create a bad impression on them.

It’s okay to fail:
Failing to complete a task isn’t the end of the world. Don’t scold your child if he/she fails in some test. Rather, be supportive and ask what’s bothering them.

Be supportive:
Let your child know how much you care for them. Support them in their individual decisions and discuss the pros/cons with them.

Let them be vocal about their choice:
Little things do matter. Whether it’s ordering food in restaurants or choosing their own outfits, you should always let your child express their own opinion.

Offer your valuable opinions, but don’t interfere:
Sometimes children are indecisive about their options. In these critical times, you should collaborate with your child and offer valuable life lessons, but don’t try to over criticize them, as that might backfire. You should let your child handle their own issues by themselves.
If you want to raise an independent child, then you must let them know their responsibilities. Accept your child’s decisions and offer love and guidance throughout the process. With proper instructions and care, your child will blossom into a sincere and healthy individual.

Happy Parenting!