Quick & Easy Low-Prep Activities for Toddlers

May 01, 2019

What Are Your Favorite Quick and Easy Low-Prep Activities for Toddlers?

Whenever you see toddlers running around and creating a mess, it can make you go blank. Day-care in Calgary says that most of the parents and tutors experience this situation and often wonder how to calm down the toddlers and make them sit or engage in any activity. Some quick and easy activities can help in engaging the children.

What Sort of Simple Activities Do Toddlers Love?

One thing that you need to understand about the toddlers is that they love repetition. So, you just need a few ideas to keep the toddlers busy and repeat these activities keeping a gap of few days.

Here Are Some Easy Low-Prep Activities for Toddlers!

  • Popsicle bath

This is one of the favorite activities liked by children, which can be done outside in a baby pool during the summer.

  • Pom pom push

For this activity, you would simply need painter’s tape, pom poms, and pool noodles.

  • Roll of paper and markers

You can pick dot markers and giant craft paper roll. Then you need to roll out the paper, cut off a piece and tape it down on the floor or table, or wall,

  • Water sensory bin

There are a lot of ways you can play with a bathtub or plastic bin full of water and the easiest way is to add scoops or foam letters.

  • Reusable stickers

You can buy some stickers and keep the toddlers busy by asking them to stick the stickers. These are reusable and can be placed on windows, car, or even baking sheets.

  • Kitchen sink full of soapy water and toys

This can be a fun activity as kids can clean and scrub their toys in the sink. Kids also get a sense of accomplishment as they get to use the big sink like their parents.

  • Mixing colors

All you need is some ice trays and scoops or squeeze bottles filled with colored water. Squeeze the water into ice trays and mix them and allow the kids to play.