Proven Benefits of Daycare in Calgary

Apr 01, 2020

They say raising a child takes a community, and that is true. As a parent, raising a little human into a grown and responsible adult takes a lot from you. You spend many sleepless nights and busy days trying to make them a better person. As a child especially, the values to teach your kid are the foundations of his development and growth. It is why you need help with raising your child. Have you yet considered daycare near you?

What is Daycare? 

​It is a service offered by caregivers and teachers, to help take care of kids. This is a reality for many parents who have to work several hours to put food on the table. While some still hold the opinion that it is the responsibility of a parent to raise and nurture a child, daycare is not that bad of an idea. It has nothing to do with giving up responsibility for your child’s wellbeing.

If anything, daycare is about assigning some responsibility to someone else for a couple of hours, so you can create time to provide for your child.

Benefits of Daycare Services

Before you start wallowing in mom guilt, have you stopped to think that maybe ​daycare in Calgary could be worth the investment? There have been several proven benefits of daycare services. Therefore, before you start over-apologizing for your parenting choices, consider the following benefits that come with ​daycare in Calgary, AB:

  1. It prepares the child for school – if we are honest, those kids grow up very fast. Each day, their bodies and brains are changing. Growing into their childhood years means preparing them for school. Children who have been in daycare have a better chance at quick adaptability in a school setting than others. For them, the transition to kindergarten or preschool is not much different from daycare.
  2. It fosters learning abilities – in daycare settings, it is not just about babysitting children. A lot of learning happens, both actively and passively. Interacting with different colors, shapes, objects, surfaces, among others, sharpens creativity and intelligence for children. Researchers have found that children who attend daycare before joining the formal school are sharp and with better learning abilities.
  3. It fosters communication – your child will start socializing at a young age. This betters hum/her on communication and socialization skills. Besides, learning language becomes easier, given that there are caregivers who spend intentional time and effort in helping them communicate and converse. Besides verbal communication, non-verbal communication becomes easier to tell apart because of early interaction and socialization.
  4. It fosters relationships – for the longest time, the only relationship your child may have is that of you and other family members. In a daycare facility, there are other children present. As their communication gets better, it fosters relationships. Your child can make friends at an early age, not to mention, learn the art of making and keeping friends.
  5. Nutritional benefits – you know how your pediatrician has been all up your neck to keep trying new foods for your child? Once your kid is signed up for daycare, this may no longer be a problem of yours. Having that your child spends a lot of time around other children, learning and adaptation come in different forms. Your kid may be more willing to try out other foods when he/she sees other kids eating it. Instead of having random fights with your child over healthy eating habits, try taking him/her to a daycare facility.
  6. It could strengthen your bond – it is easy to look at daycare as time wasted away from your child. However, this could strengthen your bond with your child. For one, the missed hours with your kid will make you more intentional about spending some quality time with him. You also have a lot of catching up to do, and this conversation with your child after some hours apart could be the remedy for your bond.


There is no manuscript for how to parent right. Anything you can do to ensure that your child is safe, provided for and loved, is worth trying. Better yet, the more you can cater to the growth and development needs of your child, the better the outcomes of your parenting.