Prevent end-of-the-day insanity

Mar 07, 2013


Sometimes, a simple scene of a child coming out of a school bus can remind you of the famous movie, Gremlins. Instead of a  smiling happy child you sent off to school the very same morning, you are greeted by a sullen, grumpy, whining, almost throwing a tantrum child. Going back to school can be a very draining experience for kids – physically, mentally and emotionally. Sometimes, they cannot help but fall apart as soon as they get home. Here are some great ideas from daycare Calgary NW to help you prevent the insanity that can creep in.


A timeline

It is a good idea to set a time-table for your child to follow after he comes home. Children are used to timelines when they are with us at preschool Calgary NW, so they are likely to follow this at home too. This way, he knows what to expect and when to expect it. If he is less surprised when you tell him to stop playing on his PS3 and come to dinner, you won’t have a tantrum coming up!



Imagine coming home after a long day…. Exhaustion has set in and your sugar levels may be low. You usually have a hot cup of coffee and a snack to perk you up. The same formula applies to children – avoid the oncoming disaster by offering a snack and a glass of milk – always works wonders with some small talk to go with it.



By being able to look forward to a little treat like extra TV time, chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast or even a ten minute bedtime extension – this is all it sometimes takes for your child to try harder to hold it all together.


Prioritize the tough stuff

Keep pre-bed activities calm, fun and memorable. Instead of spending precious time to get your child to brush his teeth and put on his pajamas just before bedtime, get him to do it right after dinner. This way, you have more fun things to look forward to just before bedtime.


Calm before bed

Try not to over-excite the brain too much before bedtime. Your child will find it harder to calm down and sleep and you will end up edgy that he is not sleeping! Try calm activities before bedtime……listening to soft calming music, listening to a nice story or a prayer together.


It always helps to put yourselves in your little child’s little shoes once in a while. Our lives are pretty much similar in stress levels, it always helps to find ways to relax and unwind together. At childcare Calgary NW, we always find time to unwind with our little friends.