Picking the Right Pre School

Jun 03, 2013

Kids hands with painting


It has been seen that children who have attended a quality pre school end up doing better in school later. They also get better jobs and are also less likely to be involved in crimes and drugs because of the quality atmosphere offered at pre schools. Finding the right pre school for your child however, is no easy task with so many educational philosophies out there.

Calgary Pre Schools have all the right dosages of the key factors you need to look for in a pre school for your child. Find out the following important details from your prospective pre school so you know what you are getting.

Find out how play, both physical and imaginative are incorporated into daily curriculum. A good pre school gives plenty of opportunity for play to children. Pre School Calgary NW has a curriculum that has play that is connected to education too. As a child plays, he learns. Physical play helps develop a child’s gross motor skills, so look out for the play corner in the classroom and look at what is being offered. Also look at the outdoor play area and look at how big the running area is and whether there are tricycles and balls around for kids to play with.

Early reading is an important factor if you want your child to have a love for reading later in life. Calgary Pre Schools focus on ABCs and 123s early on in the child’s life as these help immensely later in life. Look for number and letter materials around the classroom and speak to the teachers about reading and Math activities.

Montessori truly believes in allowing the child to pick his own activity. While we may look for some controlled choosing, there should be ample opportunity for children to pick their own activities, at least for some time during the day. These activities should be based around Literacy, Science and numbers.

One thing that sets Calgary Pre Schools apart is the fact that the values set for children is very close to what is being practiced at home. This consistency helps in maintaining the development of the child. If these values differ, a child only becomes terribly confused. Talk to the teacher about the type of manners and discipline instilled and you will know if the pre school is right for you and your child.

The right pre school is where your child develops perfectly physically, emotionally and intellectually. Make a wise choice!