Overcome Your Child’s Dislike for Veggies

Sep 28, 2017

Do you have a hard time getting your child to eat vegetables? Feel like you’ve tried everything and the battle just continues? Convincing children to try new things can be quite the task; however, with proper techniques and dedication, you can get your child to eat more vegetables in no time!

Lead by Example

Often, parents try to get their children to eat better than they do, probably realizing it is easier to start young! The problem is, children look to their parents for a lot of habits, and eating habits are no different. Make sure that you also eat your vegetables and try to incorporate healthy eating into your home. Leading by example can help your child be more likely to try healthy vegetables.

Make Meals Fun

Everyone knows that children like to have fun and play games, so why not make mealtime more fun? Broccoli may not sound very appealing, but what if they are trees? Your little “dinosaur” may be able to help you finish off some of those trees. That is just one example of how you can turn a vegetable into a game—can you think of any others?

Involve Your Children

Children love when they are involved in decisions, and food shouldn’t be any different. Allow your children to select vegetables at the store to be used in meals. When it comes time to prepare the meal, also let your child help, whether it is washing them or helping put them on the plate.

Be Consistent

The best way to start a new habit is with consistency, and you should approach vegetables the same way. Be sure to try and include new vegetables with every meal. You can change the recipe and preparation method to see if your child may prefer them a certain way. Some children may detest raw broccoli, but find the steamed variety to be quite good.