Our 4 Best Parenting Tips

Jun 29, 2015

Children Playing With Wooden Toys

As a parent, there are no days off. Although it feels like a job that lacks gratitude at times, it can get easier when you have some essential parenting skills. Here are some top tips we have gathered from parents that swear it makes a difference.


Control the Only Thing You Can – Your Response

In the heat of the moment, emotions often rule your response. The truth is that when you are giving out a consequence, it should not be about how badly your child is going to be punished and more so about your consistency while punishing them. This is the time when you should always be steady, predictable and measured. Your response is the one thing you should always control and this will always benefit your parenting skills.


Walk Away

Often, the best response is to simply walk away. Parents often become frustrated because of power struggles. The best way to deal with this is to set a limit and then walk away. Walking away means not engaging in a power struggle. The message your child gets from this is that you are no longer reinforcing negative behaviour. When both of you take some time to cool down, you may have a better chance at a calm conversation that will prove to be more productive and effective.


One Issue at a Time

Parents are often dealing with several behavioural issues at a time – you may have arguing, chores, school performance and tantrums all at once. Most parents try to tackle all of these things in one go, which may in turn overwhelm kids even more and fail to get each necessary message across to your child. Slow down and focus on one thing at a time and the lessons will more likely get across to your child. This will help them become more grounded and have a clear idea about the expectations and limits set.


Role Model

This is probably the best way to instil good behaviour – by being a good role model. Kids watch what we do more than we think they do and they listen to how we speak too. Modelling the right behaviour will give them the right tools and opportunities to mimic this behaviour as they grow older.

Happy Parenting!