Nutrition Matters at Kids U


Nutrition and education go hand in hand. Lack of proper nutrition can result in long-term mental health problems, which can impact a child’s emotional responses, reactions to stress, learning disabilities and other medical complications.


At Kids U, we understand how important nutrition is for a child’s mental and physical development. This is the reason why we searched for ways to innovate and offer a meal program that provides healthy, balanced, and nutritious meals for our children. We found we can do this best by partnering with Fueling Minds, whose expertise is to cater to children’s nutritional needs.

Fueling Minds aims to inspire & enable healthy eating for lifelong wellness through all natural, fresh and nutritious meals. Fueling Minds promises no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners, no GMO’s, no added nitrates or nitrites, pasture raised beef without added hormones or routine antibiotics, whole grains, focus on fruits, vegetables and products locally grown and sustainable and organically produced whenever possible.

A Partnership With Fueling Minds Focused On Children’s Needs

Kids U partners with Fueling Minds to offer healthy, fresh and nutritious hand-crafted home-style and high quality meals to our families, thanks to consistent quality and carefully meeting specific dietary requirements. 

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