Nutrition Matters at Kids U

Building brains is about so much more than just education. At Kids U we know that nutrition is an important factor in a child’s development. Which is why we continuously strive to provide healthy, balanced, and nutritious meals for our children.

Nutrition Matters

Our current menus reflect cultural diversity to stimulate a broader palate, and our cooks use local and organic produce whenever possible. We even provide a separate menu for children who are vegetarian, and attention to children with allergies is of high importance.

A Local Partnership With Nutritious And Delicious Benefits

Kids U partners with SPUD Calgary to keep our menu fresh and healthy. Providing all organic produce and locally farmed when possible, SPUD is a community-oriented grocery delivery service with a strong emphasis on health and sustainability.

Whenever possible, our Kids U in-house cooks get their groceries from SPUD and from Sysco, ensuring that your children are always consuming natural and unaltered foods.*


*Menus vary depending on centre. Centres attached to AgeCare buildings are provided with menus and meals from the AgeCare kitchen.