Nienhuis Montessori For Kids U

Jul 27, 2015



Much more than shapes, colours and counting, the Montessori philosophy of developing early childhood education explores many aspects of a child’s development. A practical environment was one Maria Montessori considered to be most significant in helping the child reach new levels of independence, self-autonomy and understanding. She worked tirelessly to create different ways to enhance her students’ learning environments. In 1929 she partnered with Albert Nienhuis to develop high-quality educational materials. Through this partnership, Nienhuis Montessori was born.

Making sustainable products of the highest quality, Nienhuis Montessori is now the world’s leading manufacturer of Montessori materials. They are endorsed by the Association Montessori International, and are constantly developing new technologies to further Maria Montessori’s visions.

Kids U is committed to offering the very best in quality education to our students, from the teachers that teach them, to the curriculums we create for them, and of course, to the environments they learn in every day. So it was only natural that we partner with the very best in learning materials and classroom furnishings, to further enhance the Kids U educational experience.

In January, Kids U’s Executive Director and Director of Campus Logistics travelled to Holland to meet with Nienhuis Montessori’s CEO and tour the company’s factory. Impressed with the quality of their Montessori materials and their dedication to creating products that stimulate the child’s brain, Kids U has decided to make Nienhuis Montessori our exclusive supplier.

With several new locations opening up in Calgary, as well as an expansion of our McKnight location, the partnership could not have come at a better time. We are looking forward to working with Nienhuis Montessori to provide our children and their families with top-of-the-line materials that will inspire creativity, encourage independence and build brains.