Motivating Kids to Read

Dec 03, 2015


Tech Savvy World

With the tech savvy world we live in, kids are becoming increasingly dependent and attached to technology. Reading is becoming less and less a pass time and more of a punishment; one that kids dread to even think about. However, there can be no limit to the benefits associated with encouraging children to engage in reading.
Keeping Them Hooked

The question from many parents these days is how can we motivate kids to read? Here are a few tips to motivate your kids to read:

  • Read everything:Reading doesn’t have to be limited to books. Kids can read wherever they are. Ask your kids to read to you while they are eating breakfast; by looking at cereal boxes or while in the car, passing through bill boards, names of stores, shops, etc. If they like being on the Internet often, ask them what they are reading up online.
  • Make it a habit to read out loud: Many parents may not know this, but reading out loud to children helps them to learn to read faster and also develops their comprehension skills on a faster pace. Make it a habit to read out loud at least once a week or biweekly. This can also help you bond with your kids.
  • Offer incentives: Offer incentives to your kids for the amount of time they spend reading. Make sure they are healthy and productive incentives so they don’t end up taking advantage of it in the wrong ways. Offer to take them out on a treat based on their monthly reading habits, buy them useful gifts and let them fully understand that you appreciate their reading efforts. Appreciation goes a long way in keeping habits running strong.
  • Build a library at home: Studies have shown that homes with libraries often produce more intelligent students. Work with your kids to build a library at home, one that will cater to their reading preferences as well as yours.
  • Remain hopeful: Putting the harmful effect on vision aside, the Internet and a variety of other gadgets have actually helped many people indulge themselves in reading on a greater scale compared to before. There is a special software that you can download, catered to help kids learn to read and enjoy it.