Milestones To Hit Before Kindergarten

Oct 24, 2018

Your child’s developmental stages early on are extremely important, so it’s important that you are aware of some of the critical stages in that developmental period. Think of them as milestones, and you can mark them off as being social, cognitive, physical, mental, etc. Once you’re noticing progress in at least one of these areas, there is no need for concern. Each child develops at their own pace and keeping track of milestones is just a way of staying engaged in your child’s life. With that being said here are three milestones to be aware of before your child enters kindergarten.

Language Comprehension

By the time your child reaches an age when they can enter kindergarten, they should be able to practice two-way communication in the sense of listening and responding to questions as well as asking their own. Kids at this age should be able to communicate their thoughts, even if they have difficulty with certain sounds or letters. However, if their speech doesn’t improve over time, try to consult their pediatrician to determine if any speech therapy or language interventions are necessary.

Communication is important at this stage because in kindergarten it is the main way of obtaining information. Children at that age use their words to receive input and output as their means of understanding the world.

Printing Awareness

It’s more than okay for children to not comprehend the entire alphabet by the time they enter kindergarten, but some knowledge of the letters should be present. Along with this sense of awareness, understanding the way letters and words work (reading the words in a book from left to right / turning pages, etc.) is also a good sign of developing cognitive skills.

Fine Motor Skills

Children developing motor skills will inevitably be faced with challenges every step of the way. It will be their first time doing most of the things we already know how to do so it will take some adjustment before their motor skills are perfected. But, if you notice them fiddling with objects or scribbling with pencils, then they are on the right track!

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