Manners matter: how to teach kids the basics of etiquette

Apr 25, 2019

Helping children in developing social skills is important for parents and caregivers. Teaching children good manners is vital at a young age as it instills the values of respect and kindness from a young age and helps them to grow up into better human beings.

Here are some skills and values which need to be taught to children at a young age.

Use polite language.

Using polite words and phrase is often referred to as the foundation of good manners. Using simple words such as please, thanking, excuse me, and you are welcome and instill manners and values within children within an early age and help them develop into well-mannered adults. These words and phrases are important as they need to be used almost daily, hence starting early lays a foundation for a well-mannered adult.

Watch your words

Young children cannot filter what they say and lack the understanding of what is appropriate and inappropriate to say in front of other people. This can lead to embarrassing situations at times. However, children can be taught at a young age the difference between appropriate and inappropriate things to say. For instance, if they do not like something, they can remain silent instead of announcing it.

Teach to greet.

Greeting others is a vital social skill which children need to learn at a young age. Simple words such as hello, how are you are some of the basic words and phrases children can be taught at a young age.

Practice patience.

The patient is a virtue. However, young children can often be restless and find it difficult to remain still and silent for prolonged periods. However, teach patience to children, includes imparting values like not interrupting others while they are speaking, develop the habit of waiting, etc.

Be a good guest.

Teaching children how to be a good guest is important for their social development. This includes following rules when visiting others, cleaning up after yourself, behaving politely, thanking the host for their hospitality. Parents should talk about these dos and don’ts before a play date or visiting someone’s place.