Love your Child Unconditionally

Jun 18, 2013

Unconditional love is not only what we feel towards our children. It is what they should feel coming from us too – love with no strings attached. Which means that your child does not need to do anything to earn your love; you love her simply for who she is. This is not entirely easy, as most of us, parents and educators alike want many things ‘fixed’ in our children.

So what can you do to love your child unconditionally? Here are a few basics……

Teach yourself to appreciate your child’s weaknesses. Understand that everyone has traits in them that take a special strength to bear and manage. Take for example a very stubborn pre-school child, one that you can only get through with maximum effort. Instead of focusing on the negative part of this trait, think about how this type of personality will do well in the field of law or if she becomes a detective. This persistence will get her along way! Explain to your child that although this part of her personality may be an asset, it can drive people up the wall. She needs to control it, rather than allowing it to control her.

More often than now, try to look at things form your child’s point of view. We almost always think we are right, but sometimes, another way could be a way closer to reality. Try to look at the reason why your child is misbehaving, not the fact that she is misbehaving in the first place. Addressing the problem may make things easier for everyone.

Empathize with your child when she misbehaves, instead of having a corner time or a yelling session. Sometimes, when we empathize with our little ones, we are inviting them to trust us with their deeper feelings. If for example, your child has yelled and hit his sibling, don’t send him up to his room. Tell him that you don’t do things like that in this home and ask him what the matter is. You will be surprised by what he can tell you!

Embrace. Accept. Love