Inspire Children to Think and Act Like Scientists

Oct 05, 2018

By inspiring our children to think and act like scientists, this not only supports their understanding on a deeper level of important world phenomena, but it can also help our children to develop a self-concept as a learner that is capable of many things. In the following article we will discuss how and why it is important that our children begin to take on the identity of a scientist, and how seeking out these opportunities can expand their mind, and make them a more well-rounded adult in the future.

Build on Children’s Natural Curiosity

We should constantly be working to create opportunities with our children to share and exchange knowledge. Informal ways of doing this are by turning and talking to them as we wrap up a lesson, and by providing hands-on opportunities to help them seek answers to everyday questions. Finally, by engaging our children in real science practices such as guiding them to ask questions, observed and gather evidence in their surroundings, and you said evidence to draw conclusions, we’re teaching them more and more the value of thinking like a scientist.

Provide Opportunities to Ask Important Questions and Work with Others to Find Answers

When we provide our children with opportunities to learn not only with each other but also from each other, we allow them to ask important questions to work with others.

Help Children Connect Their Learning Across Various Contexts

By using another content area that supports scientific learning, such as reading and mathematics, we allow them to extend their inquiry on informal learning times. It’s also important that we work with families to build a bridge between home and school connections. We do so by utilizing what we have on hand such as informational textbooks and guiding a bridge to be made between different content areas, connecting their learning over various aspects.

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