Importance of Outdoor Play

Nov 01, 2019

Kids are as playful as kittens, if not more. They are naturally drawn to playing, especially outdoors. Something about the bright sun and other tiny little humans to keep them company keeps them going. As a parent, however, being over-protective is part of the job description. You cannot help but worry about the germs that are outdoors, not to mention the injuries they could incur.

If your child has come to you with a splinter injury, a bleeding knee or even the flu, letting them play outdoor may not be your cup of tea. Even so, did you know there are several benefits to encouraging outdoor play?

What are some of the benefits of playing outside?

If you have signed up your child to daycare in Calgary, you can rest assured he/she is getting a lot of outdoor play. The benefits of play are greatly emphasized in schools, and here are some reasons why:

  • To encourage physical exercise

Physical exercise is good for the body. It encourages blood flow and oxygen in all parts of the body. Even for kids, the benefits of exercise are eminent. Outdoor playing is the best way to get in a good work out. Like you would know, signing your child up for gym sessions or yoga may not sit well with them. However, if you are open to outdoor play as you are about playcare, you can be sure that your child will be physically fit. Besides, kids are big on eating candy and snacking on unhealthy foods. It helps to burn excess fats and prevent obesity from taking, at such an early age.

  • Builds their self-confidence

Playing indoors is more guarded than playing outdoors. You can control what is in your house, but not so much what is outside. Allowing your child to play outside gives them a whole new experience. The challenges are more. However, in conquering them. The child gets a boost in their confidence. Haven’t you noticed how excited your kid has been to report on a fish they caught or a tree they planted? Outdoor playing will go a long way in helping your child overcome any phobias and insecurities. At this point, any victory is a good victory for your child.

  • Limitless opportunities

Your child will be exposed to a lot of learning by playing outdoors. Numerous stimuli in the environment could trigger learning in the mind of a child. Anything from sticks, stones, water, and leaves is perfect for early learning.

  • To experience life in a whole new perspective

Life outside the house is completely different. There is no TV to keep you company. Instead, you have all the time to figure out what you like and what you do not. Your child can pick up the love of animals by watching a dog play fetch. You kid can pick up the love or photography and travel, by observing the different scenes when on a swing.

  • Enhanced mental performance

The bright light outside outweighs any artificial lighting. This light is great for the health of your child, not to mention, for boosting mental performance. The brightness of the light is known to improve the formation of synapses in the brain. The concentration of your child will also heighten as he/she plays outside.

Besides, it is also the best way to reduce any chances of nearsightedness for your kid.

  • Encourages socialization

If all the other kids are doing it, why not yours? It would be sad to have your child locked up in the house while his/her age mates are outside playing. Being outdoors allows kids to form friendships outside the confines of parenthood. Social skills and interpersonal communication is also enhanced with outdoor playing.

  • Development of athletic abilities

Hardly will your child be outside sited the whole time. When children are outside, they are always busy doing something. The activities usually involve a lot of jumping, running, singing, and climbing. These activities can reinforce their gifting and abilities in areas that you never knew.

  • It is fun

If for no other reason, playing outdoors is fun. There is a lot to focus on that makes it fun. The rain, trees, pools, grass, dirt, swings, among other things, make life outside fun.

There is no need to keep worrying about your child playing outside. Let your kid have some fun because childhood is not forever!