How to Prepare Your Child Who is Starting School

Aug 25, 2015

Once a child is ready to start school, it’s a huge transition and most new parents are unsure of how to go about dealing with it. There are never enough tips on how to go prepare your child for one the biggest transitions they will experience during childhood. Having said that, let’s take a look at a few!

Tips on School Preparation

With your big kid ready for school, there’s no time to waste. You may think your child is still young but trust me when I say; they are never too young to pick up on and understand things. By preparing them for school, you are slowly, but surely, preparing them for the world at large.

1) As the days come closer to entering school, try to focus on improving their writing and reading skills. Their general skills on counting, recognizing patterns, etc. should also be developed whenever you go out on trips or during their day-to-day activities. Take oral tests and assign homework if possible.

2) Make sure you talk to your child and keep the communication platform an easy and accessible one. Talk about any possible school problems they may have to go through, such as peer pressure, school cliques/groups, and bullying.

3) At home, emphasize on family values by imparting good behavior and manners and try to teach money management skills as well. One of the most important skills a child needs is the skill of responsibility. Assign tasks to your child and let them know that they will be accountable to you for the things you hold them responsible for.

4) Reinforce good behavior by acknowledging it and rewarding it. Irrelevant of the age, your child might have tantrums, and this needs to be dealt with appropriately and not with emotions only.

5) Get them into a proper routine before school starts; sleeping on time and waking up on time. This will help save the trouble of getting into a good sleeping habit once school starts.

6) Don’t expect perfection. Let them make mistakes, break the rules, and then learn through all of the fallbacks. Each child is different and the same tactics do not work with all children.

Always remember, good education starts from home. Don’t ever forget that school life is only one part of a child’s life. Home life constitutes a greater portion. Both home and school life together will cater to making the child your heart aspires for. Keep working for it and don’t give in no matter the circumstances; your child will always need you no matter the age.