How to help preschoolers take care of your books

Mar 14, 2019

Schools have books which are preserved by them for several years. When it comes to books for pre-school students, the teachers are always concerned about the condition of book as they don’t wish the cherished treasure of books to get spoiled by kids.

  • Where Do You Keep Your Children’s Books?

Do you keep the books in such a way that the kids can’t reach them? Do you fear they might tear the books? Here’s a look at some tips that will help you in preserving the books without having to keep them out of the reach of children:

  • Young children can’t read

Children can’t read the book and you have to read the book and story in it for them. It is a great idea to build some enthusiasm among kids for the books. You need to make the children look forward to the story in the book.

  • Avoid the overwhelm

Avoid stacking too many books together in a small place. This makes it difficult for the kids to find a book of their choice. Chances are that the books will fall down and it would be difficult for the kids to take care of the pile of books which will ultimately create a mess.

  • Give them a hug

Apart from creating interest and excitement for books in kids to establish a connect, you also need to model your love for the books in front of kids by hugging the books, taking care of the cover, and cleaning the books.

  • Call 911

If a child brings a torn book to you, treat it as 911 call and put it together with the help of a book doctor kit meant just for this purpose. Clear tape and scissor can help in fixing the book.

  • Fall in love

If the children fail to fall in love with the book, you need to make more efforts by reading them the book in an interesting way or by choosing books which seem interesting to them or they can relate to.