How to have a happy morning with your Montessori child?

Apr 04, 2013

To have a happy morning every morning with pre-schoolers in the house is the dream of every parent. It not only saves a lot of energy otherwise spent on pacifying the child, a happy morning usually ends in a happy day. It also ensures that the child has a productive day at their pre-school.

Our preschool teachers strongly believe that a child who has had a good night is the one who will have a good morning. A child who gets at least nine hours of sleep is considered well rested. Here are some great tips to help you and your child every morning.


The Reggio method promotes responsibility. When a child is given the responsibility to perform a task well, he takes great pride in doing it. Try getting your kids to take on the responsibility of getting ready on time in the morning. They will surprise you with their great response. Young children love praise, and when they get praise for their contribution, they will do it again and again. Help your child by getting him an alarm and have a few trial runs. Always use encouraging words.


At our day care, we also encourages homework to be completed before leisure activities begin. If you want calm and happy mornings, ensure that your child has completed his homework the day before and not on the breakfast table when you are rushing to leave home. Set a pattern and some rules about homework and TV, talking on the phone and video games and the order they should be done. If your child forgets to pack something he needs for school, try not to fret and run back to the house. Instead, let your child face the consequences of forgetting. Some lessons that are learnt the hard way are often the ones we remember the most.


Make it a habit to pick out clothes for the morning the night before. This helps you escape any battles in the morning about colour choices and clothes choices. The last thing you want to do is to look for that green shirt or the pink shorts because your child does not want to wear anything else.


Your time with your kids should never be stressful. It should always be a happy affair, no matter what time it is. Your memories with your children should always be happy ones. Try out these tips and let us know how you get along.