How to Build a Lifestyle of Family Fitness

Jul 07, 2016

It is only natural to want to raise healthy, active children. But oftentimes life gets in the way. It isn’t always easy to juggle work, school, family time and physical activity. Yet, it is so important to provide healthy examples for kids starting early.

Active family fitness

A lifestyle of family fitness may mean better heart health for everyone. Research has shown that overweight kids can have as much plaque accumulated in their arteries as a middle-aged adult. This horrifying data shows that some obese children are premature candidates for heart disease and other life-threatening conditions.

How to active

Staying active together will help set up good habits that will last a lifetime. Here are some suggestions on how to be active:

Plan fun outdoor family activities

  • Get together as a family one day each week do something active outdoors. Some good suggestions include swimming at the beach or a pool when the weather is warm; sledding or skiing in the winter, or hiking or bike riding in mild temperatures. Keep healthy snacks accessible and pack a picnic lunch.

Take fitness classes together

  • Local gyms and community centers may offer programs or classes for adults and children together. If your kids are too little, look for mommy and me options that incorporate the baby into the exercise moves or by pushing them along in a stroller. If you are a family of two, without kids, search for partner workouts.

Reorganize your living room

  • Make your family area more of an activity hotspot by adding some video games that encourage kids being active and limit television time. It isn’t necessary to turn your living room into a gym, but you can encourage more movement by making subtle changes.

Make chores enjoyable

  • Make cleaning time a game that involves the whole family. See who can tidy up the fastest and try to beat each other time the following week. Have music playing while washing dishes or folding laundry. The family can take the dog out for walks or runs together.

Plan healthy meals together

  • Healthier eat habits should go along with staying active. Involve children by taking them to farmer’s markets and allowing them to pick and choose their own vegetables and fruits. Teach them how to prepare meals and give them an active role in the process.