Helping Your Anxious Child Unwind

Jul 27, 2013

Kids of today are busy kids. It does not matter how old they are, their days are always filled with activities, classes and everything else. Preschool age children end up doing a lot of learning activities that are designed to give them a better head start to their learning lives. As they reach school age, they begin to do many leisure and after-school activities. Children today go for at least four to five extra-curricular activities every week.

As competition is on the increase today, there is nothing wrong with kids being busy as long as they have enough opportunities to relax and unwind. Children who do not get this end up feeling overwhelmed and experience childhood anxiety at a very young age. Relaxation should be a part of your lifestyle both at the age of 4 and 40.

As much as we hate hearing the phrase ‘I am bored’, it is sometimes good for kids to get bored. Being bored is actually good for mental health, giving kids some time to do nothing but muck around and take it easy for a while.

Here are some ways to help you preschool child unwind:

1. Do you remember sitting around a campfire and staring at the flames? DO you remember how calming that felt? No need to talk to anyone, no need to walk around, just a little time spent staring at a fire. In today’s world, TV is the fire. Just ensure they don’t stare at it for too long.

2. Allow your children to play without rules. Free play is the ultimate relaxation technique. Fun games with minimal rules help them unwind just nice.

3. Have a relaxing bedtime routine. This routine should calm your child down, not excite him. Read him a book, give him a leg rub or back rub and help him calm down.

4. The most enjoyable way to get your child to unwind is to unwind with them! Remember how when you were a child, how you and your parent ran around the block or played cricket in the backyard? Find common interests with your child and unwind together.

We all want to see our kids being busy but happy and not inactive and apathetic. All you need to ensure is that there is a good balance between activity and relaxation so that everyone has their sanity in check!

Happy Parenting!