Healthy Eating Habits for Kids

Apr 30, 2016

Teach your child to eat healthy from the very first bite they experience. You control which flavors and textures they will become used to eating. Your child will decide what to eat from the choices you provide.

Healthy food habits include knowing how to listen to your body. Children innately know to eat when they are hungry and stop when they are full. When we force them to finish what is on their plates, we mess with the natural internal order. We need to share the responsibility with our kids so they don’t lose touch with their internal cues. They need to be taught to eat slowly and always stop when full.

Here are some additional tips on how to instill healthy habits for kids:

  • Maintain a set snack and meal schedule, every day. Children’s bodies function best with a regular routine. Make meal time important family time. Eat together.
  • Kids usually favor only a few new foods at a time. Focus on one favorite choice from each food group makes it a regular staple at most meals.
  • Start eat day with a healthy breakfast. This will help regulate metabolism, weight control and enhance energy levels and learning.
  • Provide healthy snacks for kids and keep them in reach. Carrot sticks, grapes, and rice cakes are good choices.
  • Make positive eating and lifestyle choices yourself. Provide a good example that your kids will follow.
  • Offer portions sizes that are age-appropriate and always include an abundance of fruits and vegetable each day.
  • Get them used to drinking water more than anything else.
  • Make fast food and sweet drinks occasional treats and order small portions.

Also, never use food as a reward or take it away as a form of punishment. It can be fun to teach healthy food habits for kids by letting them help you with the grocery shopping. It is a great way to show them how to choose healthy snacks. Children also enjoy helping to cook. Keep them involved and engaged. The good food habits they learn now will last the rest of their lives.