Getting Your Child Ready For Pre-School.

Jun 01, 2021

Determining when your children are ready for preschool is easy to do if you know what signs to look for. Some of these signs at times are very easy to see, but some of these are a bit more hidden. You want what’s best for your kids, and that includes setting them up for success from the very beginning.

Preschool readiness is more about emotional readiness and not necessarily a skillset. Once you recognize your child showing signs of preschool readiness, chances are good that they are ready to tackle the preschool environment.

What Are The Benefits of Preschool?

Children who began education in early childhood got more out of school in every grade and were more likely to graduate from high school and attend college. The children who participated in early education programs were also healthier and wealthier than their peers who did not.

As such children already know how to get along with others, and came prepared with more language skills and a broader knowledge base, it sets them up for a much smoother academic sail.

The value of preschool is also not strictly academic as it is also for socialization, to introduce the idea that learning can be fun, and to teach kids how to share, compromise, and get along as a group.

Signs Your Child Is Ready for preschool.

  • They can follow simple directions

If your little one can follow your basic commands throughout the day, they’ll do just fine at preschool. Teachers need kids to follow directions so there isn’t chaos in the classroom, but they also understand that young kids can’t follow a huge string of complex instructions.

  • They can handle being away from you for short periods.

The most stressful part of your child’s transition to preschool might be fear or separation anxiety. You certainly aren’t alone in worrying about how your child will handle being dropped off that first day of school. It’s normal for a child to cry for a few minutes after you say goodbye, but if they continue to be upset throughout the day, they may not be ready to take on a whole day of preschool without you.

  • They can focus on a task

Three- and four-year-olds aren’t known for their long attention spans. Luckily, preschool is the perfect place for them to hone their focus before entering kindergarten.

  • They want to play with other kids

If your child smiles, waves, or greets other kids in the park or wherever, this could be a sign your child is ready to make friends and play with others in the classroom.

  • They have basic self-care skills

This is quite very important.

Teachers will be available to help kids when needed, but your child should be able to handle the basics of taking care of themselves while at school. Kids should be able to do stuff for themselves like putting on their clothes, taking their shoes on and off, feeding themselves, and cleaning up their toys.

  • They are potty trained

While not all preschools require students to be potty trained, it is recommended that this is a skill that will help children to not feel behind compared to their peers as no child wants to be the last of their friends still wearing diapers.

  • They know what to expect in the classroom.

You can help set your child up for success by preparing them for the preschool experience. A recommendation is for you to read books about preschool with your child and introducing activities like identifying colors and singing the alphabet song.

If you identify a good number of these in your child, then there’s a pretty good chance that there are ready for preschool and would be able to cope adequately as well.

The next thing would be to find a preschool near you, and you should take time out to scout for the best preschool in Calgary as your chi ld deserves nothing but the best.