Getting Ready for Preschool

Aug 21, 2018

In the life of a three-year-old, every day is a great, new adventure. Like many of us, your little one might not be a fan of early rising, but chances are you get a warm, energetic greeting once the youngster is up and running.

Now as that daily adventure extends to preschool, your child may feel like a big fish in a little pond or vice versa. This can be taken literally, mentally or both. The toddler to preschool transition can be tricky.

But, with the right support and guidance from parents and the preschool staff, it is possible to set up a transition plan. Swing by the new preschool with your toddler and do some exploring at pick-up time. Let your child see all the kids, meet the teacher and the classroom. Talk about all the friends your child will meet, and the interesting things set up in the classroom. This is the time to encourage lots of open discussions. Communication is key to a more seamless transition.

Be sure you are ready as a family when the big day arrives.

Your young child may still be apprehensive and upset no matter how well you think you have prepared. So, be ready for a possible meltdown or simply not the best day. Change is difficult for everybody, regardless of age. But, long conversations and planning to help make the transition better. It may take a few days, a week or more for your child to feel comfortable in the new environment. Rest assured, your child will settle in and it will feel like the youngster has been going to preschool for years.

Preparation is key, and it is an essential part of the preschool transition. But try not to get caught up in the chaos. This is a major move for the entire family. Be kind to yourself as you process the change. At the end of the first week, it might do you well to enjoy a glass of wine, or skip the cooking and grab some takeout.