Future skills: 7 essential skills your kids should learn at school to succeed in the future

Apr 01, 2019

We need our kids not only to excel in academics but also to have the right skills that can help them in surviving the competition recommends day-care in Calgary.

Here’s a look at the 7 skills sets for your child that are a must-have:

    • Critical thinking and problem solving

The schools should offer an environment to growing child where he/ she is encouraged to ask questions and think. They need to ask the right questions to get to the bottom of the things and interrogate data. Instead of being blinded by the problems, the children need to be motivated to find their own solutions.

    • Collaboration and leading influence

Your child must learn to cooperate and work in a team with positive spirit instead of dominating. They need to be a good team player wherein they play on their strengths and try to apply it for the betterment of their team and complements other’s strength.

    • Agility and adaptability

Children need to keep up with the constantly changing environment. The technology is evolving each day; you can find a new gadget being launched every month. The kids need to keep with the ever changing and evolving.

    • Initiative and entrepreneurialism

Children must be inspired for innovation and taking the initiative. The children don’t always need to wait for companies to give them employment opportunities. They can think of their own start up and it can be anything; even related to their skills or art.

    • Good communication skills

Children must be a pro in written and oral communication as its imperative to be able to convey your thoughts and ideas clearly, precisely, and without being vague.

    • Assessing and analyzing information

The children need to learn to distinguish between real and fake. They need to analyze what is fake news, rumour, or misleading information.

    • Curiosity and imagination

Parents and tutors must encourage creativity and never belittle their inquisitiveness. Keep them engaged in activities that interest them and allow them to explore their creative side.