February 2015 Theme

Feb 12, 2015


Community helpers is February’s theme at Kids U McKnight. By introducing the importance of various trades and occupations and the impact they have on their community, we are instilling in our children a sense of civic duty at an early age. We have aligned several guest speakers (thanks to our wonderful parent volunteers!), ranging from electricians to nurses to health inspectors to chiropractors!. Not only will these presentations be jam-packed with interesting information for the children, but they get to hear about all of the awesome things that their classmates’ parents do for a living!

Additionally, we will be teaching the children about Chinese New Year’s, as it approaches on February 19th. Through arts and crafts and unique activities, they will learn all about the cultural diversity of the Chinese community that is such a huge part of our city.

February is not just the month of love (although we will definitely be celebrating Valentine’s Day in style as well!), but it is a month in which the children at Kids U will be broadening their knowledge of community and culture!