Factors to Consider when Choosing a Kindergarten Program

Jun 01, 2020

Kindergarten is the foundation of your child’s education. Here, children are taught the basics that will be part of them for the rest of their lives. Values are instilled here too. Your kid learns to hold a pencil here. They learn to write their first words here.

What am I trying to say? This is the most important stage in one’s education. Parents and guardians should, therefore, learn to set apart good and bad programs for the benefit of their young ones. Which brings us to the question; how do you tell apart a good kindergarten program in Calgary from a bad one? This article answers this and several other questions.

Why Kindergarten?

Kindergarten gives an opportunity for children to learn and also practice essential emotional, physical, study, and problem-solving skills. These are the skills the young ones will use all the years of their schooling. Have a look at some of the other reasons kindergarten is essential:

Self-esteem Development

Self-esteem is an important aspect of a person’s life. If a kid struggles with esteem issues, they may continue even during old age. It is best that they are dealt with at an earlier age before they become a permanent companion. Kindergarten helps children become confident in their different abilities.


In kindergarten, kids play, eat, and read together. By so doing, they learn to tolerate and appreciate each other. Once your kid has completed a year in kindergarten, they will have learned to be patient, take turns, listen to each other, and share. This will go a long way to shape your child’s future.


Children are normally very curious but most times, they cannot focus. This is why you have kindergarten programs- to spark and direct that curiosity.

Qualities of a Good Kindergarten

When choosing a kindergarten program in Calgary for your kid, what factors should you look out for? Here is a list of the requirements that have been agreed upon by educators.

  • Expanding Learning Ability

An ideal program should expand the learning ability of the child. It should help the learner to learn about the world at large, solve problems, and organize information. This increases the learner’s confidence and self-worth, ability to get along with others.

  • Providing both Formal and Informal Activities

Your child should be able to partake in both teacher-initiated and learner-initiated activities. Projects and investigations allow children to work by themselves and in groups.

  • Fostering the Love for Books, Writing and Reading

The program should have reading material all over the classroom for example charts. Children’s books should also be in plenty.

  • School Philosophy

When choosing an ideal kindergarten for your young one, think about what you want for them? Do you prefer a streamlined learning approach or a more flexible one? Does your child prefer solitude to work in groups? Find out what is best for your child, then check to see if the school matches that.

  • School Community

Although it is good to choose a school with a good kindergarten teacher, you should pay close attention to the general school community too. How are the other teachers? What is the general behavior of the pupils? Is it a home away from home for your kid? If there are any negative attributes your kid can pick from the school surroundings that is not the place for them.

  • Balanced Curriculum

Your kid needs to be a well-rounded program. A good program allows for this. The teachers should take time to teach the kids to communicate and solve problems. They should also make time for learning in the classroom and teamwork on projects.

There is no universal program for every kid. What may seem perfect for someone, may not be seen that way by the other. While some kids may do well in a direction-focused program, others may thrive in one with less. The above elements should be kept in mind when selecting the right program besides your family and child’s specific needs. Before making a choice, visit schools and inquire from the headteacher or kindergarten teacher. Your friends with kids can also refer you to some schools.

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