Expanding Their Vocabulary

Aug 20, 2014


We’ve all been around a child that’s learned a new favorite word; there’s even a recent Internet sensation that’s captured the world’s hearts with his use of the word “Apparently.” But how can parents make more words stick? Well here at Kids U, we specialize in getting kids to love learning! Here are a few tips to helping little minds learn new words, and have them stick.


Reading both with them, and allowing them to read alone is always a great way to open up their world to new words. Make sure that what they’re reading is age appropriate, and when venturing just above it make sure to make frequent stops or time to answer questions about certain words. Having a open discussion of information, both giving and gathering, will have their little inquisitive minds thinking and expanding. 


Ensuring that your children know, and retain new words is by speaking correctly and using different words in everyday conversations. Kids have an insatiable appetite for knowledge, and they’ll grasp at it anywhere during anytime: that means making sure that they are not being exposed to too much bad TV sitcoms, or the like. Words can be fun, but kids need to be taught that they are indeed worth learning, and using. 


This one seems simple enough, but when a child sometimes babbles on, we can sometimes loose focus on what is being said. Remain attentive to correct a child when they use a word incorrectly, or have made some grammatical mistake. Proper speech in a child is a learned trait, and must be properly paid attention to in order to ensure that they are indeed retaining what they have learned.

New Word Jar

You don’t necessarily have to use a jar, there do exist free dictionary apps that have a “Today’s Word” feature built in, but having some fun way to implement learning new words together would be a great way to expand both your and their vocabularies. It can be simple as picking a word during breakfast, having a small lesson, and having them use that word throughout the day. For tougher words, taking a few days would help them know, and learn the correct use of said word.

In all things, be consistent. Kids learn best by imitation, and repetition. Teaching them that loving to learn new words will help them not only in school, but also in life.

Happy Parenting!