Empowering your child to contribute

Apr 17, 2013

We all like to feel like we have contributed towards something. Children who take on responsibilities both at school and at home; grow up with a sense of purpose. They will be the ones who will develop the attitudes and skills to take on new responsibilities as they grow up. Here are some ideas to help you empower your young children to contribute.

At our Montessori, we encourage children to share responsibilities of setting up the table for snack time, cleaning up and arranging the classroom before the end of the school day and putting things away after an activity. When these children go home, they end up doing the same at home, hence contributing to the family.

Ask your child to teach you something new. It could be something he learnt at his pre-school something related to technology (kids are smarter than adults when it comes to this sometimes!) or a video game. Empowering your child with a feeling that he is smart and can even teach you a thing or two can really take him a long way in terms of confidence.

Take action together. Simple ideas are to serve an orphanage together. Or spend time in an old folks’ home together. Reflect on your experiences as a family after, noting actions that were kind and what you can do the next time.

Talk to your child when you do things together. While your child does his homework as you cook, engage in some light conversation when he takes a break. You build your relationship when you communicate, and often this is one missing link in families. A child who communicates well is one that will contribute ideas well.


Happy parenting!