Easy Holiday Crafts and Activities for Kids

Nov 14, 2017

The holidays are the perfect time of year for families to come together and celebrate. As the years have gone by, we have seen more and more kids with their noses buried in phones and tablets, and it seems so opposite of what the holiday spirit is about. For the first time, families are starting to have a no electronics holiday gathering focused on holiday crafts for kids. To keep the little ones entertained, here are some fun activities for kids that will be better than a tablet (we hope!)


Anyone can make a snowflake from white construction paper… even adults! It really helps get everyone in the holiday spirit and allows everyone to show their creativity.

Make an Ornament

One of the most classic indoor activities for kids during the holidays is to design their own ornament. For an ornament creation station, purchase a few dozen solid colored decorative ornaments of a variety of colors to decorate. Use markers to add designs, puffy paints to add fun textures, glitter to make them shimmer and little holiday decorations like bells, ribbons and pine needles. There are so many fun options that some kids may want to decorate more than one!

Snow Sculptures

If it is snowing outside, have the kids make sculptures similar to snow men but using more creativity. Provide some pipe cleaners, food coloring and buttons to let the kids really have fun with it. It’s a great winter activity for children!

Holiday Cookie Decorating

Create a bunch of sugar cookies using different cookie cutters and set up a spot with icing, sprinkles and other cute decorations to let each child be creative.

There are so many fun and easy holiday crafts to try out! We hope that everybody enjoys themselves so much that they won’t even think about their digital devices.