Discipline With Creativity and Fun

Mar 10, 2014

As parents, we slowly turn into the kind of disciplinarians we never wanted to be. You have told your child for the umpteenth time to pick up their bowl of cereal and deposit it into the sink…….the kids have been fighting all day long…….all your time-out methods have not worked…..your son’s room is always a total mess……

The rules of discipline have changed today. This post-yelling and post-spanking age, although rules of discipline have changed, kids are still the same. Our experts at our daycare will show you funny and whacky positive discipline tips that parents have shared with them. Here are some of the best tips……

Take It Away

A parent talked about beds repeatedly not being made. The mother of three told her daughter that she probably did not need her sheets and blankets and the next day, all the bedding vanished. The daughter had to look for a sleeping bag to sleep in for a couple of days, till she asked for her bedding back. The bed was made every day after that.

Another parent complained constantly to her six children about their new robes lying around. The children were told that the next time it happened, the robes would be sent to a thrift store and sure enough he time came. The kids were obviously very upset and they had to go back to the thrift store and buy their robes back with their own packet money. They have since taken very good care of their robes.

Self-Inflicted Physical Punishments

Some parents shared this method of punishment. Positive parenting aims at discipline that is not cruel. In this home, this translated to push-ups. If they were mean to a sibling, they were required to do 20 push-ups and so on. Always works!

Think of ways in which you can make discipline fun and not frustrating and share your ideas with us. Happy Parenting!