Different Ways to Enhance the Mental Growth of Your Child

Jan 01, 2020

Today’s technological era has undoubtedly eased the lives. You can communicate easily, everything is just a tap away but what about the kids? Have you ever thought about their mental and physical growth in this era? Just like technology has eased your life, it has bound your child to a tab. There is a greater chance that your kid is not interested in playing outdoor games but a round of FIFA in your mobile or laptop would be a treat for him.

This is not something that you should be proud of. Allowing an hour for playing games in mobiles or PlayStation sounds fine but there should be an hour for brain developing games as well. How can games serve for brain development? Keep reading this article to find out the answer.

The children between age 6 to 15 face rapid changes and their thoughts are hard to understand. With different kinds of online games and Xbox around, it is tough to enhance their thinking abilities. Before their mental growth gets badly affected, here are some measures or games you can plan for them. These are basically brain builders and have proven results.

Make Exercise Fun for Them

Exercise should top the list of things-to-do for your child. They would not find it attractive but that is your responsibility to make it fun for them. Do not go tough on the exercise schedule. A little bit of jumping jacks and some jogging would be great in the beginning. Once they get in routine, increase the number of exercises.

Make Yoga Their Habit

You can also add yoga to their routine. Yoga serves as an intoxicant for the body. If your child develops this habit early, he would not face any issues in the future. Imagination works best to introduce yoga to children. A relaxing scene will make them sit and meditate. Otherwise, they would not wait for a minute and leave.

Encourage Them for Playing Board Games

Games have always been considered a waste of time but recent research shows a positive impact of board games in children. Scrabble and Bingo are most popular. Both these games build analytical skills, decision-making skills, and thinking skills. Play these games with your child. Forcing them to play with friends or siblings will not be interesting but if you play with them, it would become attractive for them.

Admit Them into Afternoon Classes

To keep them away from screens, their time needs to be consumed. Afternoon classes for kids have different courses that enhance their analyzing and decision-making skills. You can choose a combination of courses or one course. It depends on you and the school policy. These classes also give children time to play games like chess, monopoly, etc. and all these games have great influence on your child’s brain.

Summer Classes Would Work As Well

Kids love summer break but as a parent you should plan some activities before they get lazy. Building brain summer classes are now an option best for engaging children. They will spend some time busy in interesting studies like robotic. These classes also teach your child interpersonal skills which are very important.

Linguistic Classes are a Better Option

Other than games and classes, you can admit your child to a linguistic school as well. Learning a different language is fun. Your kid will spend time in learning something new and productive. Is it not a good choice? English is their native language but they should have good command over some other languages like German, French, etc. never think that this can be done at a mature age. With increasing age come responsibilities that occupy most of the time. Kids do not have responsibilities and engaging them is important. Why not choose something productive for them?

Being a parent is not a piece of cake. There are several responsibilities and today’s generation needs desperate attention. They are bound by technology and screens have become their ultimate source of entertainment. Adding some good games and activities will control their addiction for mobiles and laptops. If you are searching for some activities for your child then Kids U is what you have been looking for. We understand the importance of brain development so there are different courses for the purpose. Afternoon classes and summer camps by brain builders are highly recommended to parents like you.