Did Your Parents Dress You in Garanimals?

Aug 22, 2016

From the moment kids are born we watch them sprout up like weeds. Some parents boast about it, others fret. But one thing they all have to deal with is all of those wardrobe changes. As they grow, kids simply go through a lot of clothes. They grow out of them fast or wear them out and often get their outfits dirty.  Parents spend a lot of time and money buying and changing their little one’s clothes, especially during the infant, toddler, and preschool ages.

Parents want affordable kids matching clothes

Two important things to consider when choosing clothing styles for young children are wear-ability and price. It is a given that your child will outgrow their current size in a matter of months, so it is foolish to spend your entire clothing budget on just a few items. Kid’s attire should always be affordable.

Secondly, children need to be comfortable, easy to get on and off, and fun to wear. Cool selections that are simple to mix and match are a great learning tool for kids.

Always have spare clothing handy

Parents of very young tykes understand that you never know when a diaper may leak or a sudden incident of spit up may occur when you are out and about.  New and seasoned moms and dads, always carry a spare set or two. Never leave home without extra clothes. Having kids matching clothing already sorted and ready is a big help.

Garanimals mix and match clothing are still popular

The Garanimals brand has been offering quality and affordable mix and match clothes for kids since 1972.  The company was founded on a simple premise, to provide comfortable clothes for kids that are easy for parents to mix and match. Each apparel line is comprised of separates of similar hues and style that will complement any piece within that same line of children’s clothing.

Garanimals are still available today at discount stores for great prices. You can manage to gather 10 separates pieces of durable children’s apparel for under $50. Simplify your life and try mix and match Garanimals clothing for your little ones. They may help bring back playful memories of your mix and match years. At these prices, there is nothing to lose and your kids and you might love them!